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Sketch Kit

A Sketch Kit
Original Post Date :07/07/07

I understand the importance of drawing every day. And there are many times I get stuck on a concept that I want to write down and find I don't have paper with me. I have tried many different varieties and flavors of sketch books; large, small, thick, thin. I haven't seemed to find the right combination of a portable writing; sketching book that let's me play.

I finally broke down and purchased my first moleskin journal. I purchased the large sketchbook style 5.25x8.25.

The size is wonderful and the paper is thick.

Here are just a couple of pages from my journal. Most of what I've been doing is experimental yet - but I've been more successful than in any previous attempt. Is it the size? Is it the paper? Is it the medium? Or the combination of the three?

New materials are always fun and can lead to great experimentation and creativity. Here are the materials that I currently have in my little black carry bag:
I stumbled upon a new technical pen by Staedtler that uses a permanent ink and flows very smoothly. Much better than the Kohinoor pens I have been trying.

Watercolor pencils seem to work much better than watercolor paints. I use Primacolor Watercolor pencils with a Niji Water Brush. It is a pen barrel that holds water. Perfect for travel and just enough water on the brush to bring the colors out.

A carpenter pencil. The big flat pencils that carpenter's use. It is great to do fast sketches with.

A .7mm mechanical pencil with HB lead. I can't be without a mechanical pencil!

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