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Horse - Sketches

Here is the start of a horse series for Royal Brush. 

There's an app for that....the iPad for the fine artist.

Many of you know that I am an IT Manager in my day job. My world involves computers designed for corporate security, programming, stagnant software and conformity. Now imagine introducing an iPad to my other life as a fine artist!

The freedom of the iPad is refreshing, invigorating and inspiring. The flexibility and mobility lends itself well to be my personal assistant to keep track of my ideas, map out projects and explore themes. It can take photos, edit and dissect them to satisfy my creative exploration. I can jot down notes, organize them, write articles, tutorials and ebooks. At it's most inspiring level, I can doodle, sketch or paint to create digital artwork.

There are now millions of apps available (both good and bad). The apps are usually small and focused to specific tasks. Instead of the software dictating what you can do, you determine what you need. This allows you to customize a unique set of apps that will work just for you and your work flow. Whether you are an…