Saturday, August 18, 2007

Old Weathered Barn

I have continued to work on the grass and the left side. I think I need to add a worn path the barn door on the left as well as develop the tractor road in the foreground more.....

It's coming along nicely. I have just a bit of the grass and the background trees to complete and it is almost done!

I have been very busy at work, so my progress on this drawing has been very slow. But it is progressing well.... I blended the sky with a very light tone. This allows the whites on the silo to be the whitest part of the paper..... I am adding a tractor path to the barn and opened the doors. A few minor changes to enhance the overall composition.

Mike Mac was gracious enough to allow me to use his photo for this scene. The original photograph can be found on his Ohio Barns website:

This big beautiful barn has so much character with the ivy growing on the barn as well as the decorative louvered windows. This one just called out to me to draw.