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Article Two - It All Starts with a Mark

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The anticipation of making that first mark on a blank sheet of paper for me is exciting.  Each mark builds upon the last one and soon the image begins to evolve and appear on the paper.
As with any art medium, knowing what your graphite pencil can do is important.  The simple pencil can make a variety of different textures and effects just with a little practice.
Smooth Gradient Creating a smooth tone from dark to light.  Practice creating a smooth gradient by using heavier to lighter pencil pressure in one pass.  Notice the difference between using a harder lead versus a softer lead. The softer lead creates a darker more grainy tone.

Gray Scales Use the full-range of pencils available (6B – 2H) to match the value.  You can vary your pencil pressure and/or use multiple pencil grades to create the value.  Be sure to note which pencil(s) were used for future reference. Pencil Marks Varying the pencil mark can create a multitude …