Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Red Rock Canyon

I have been requested to post some detail shots of the tree.
So here are a couple of close-ups:

I'm not sure how much farther to work this drawing. I have a feeling I am finished, but I will let it sit for a few days and see if anything calls out for more detail. ENJOY!

I've worked some more on the background mountain range. It's tempting to put more detail in but it really needs to remain fairly non-distinct. The branches on the ground are also slowly taking shape as well.

I am working the background in before I get to the edges of the tree branches. I want to make sure the background is going 'behind' the tree. You can see the background bushes increasing in size adding depth to the scene. I have also sketched in the branches laying on the ground. This tree is so hardy...even the broken branches are still green with needles.

I am starting to lay in the background. Using a 4H chisel point clutch pencil, I start layering the desert ground. With a F .5 mm mechanical pencil I start to draw the small bramble bushes in the background. I have darkened the branches in the the shaded areas and it seems to be helping to bring life to this unique tree.

I am ever so slowing making my way through the tree. This is very time consuming as there is so much rich detail I don't want to miss! I have been working on this drawing off and on since January. But in the last 3 days I've made a bit of progress......

Last fall my husband and I vacationed in Las Vegas. While Vegas didn't hold much interest for me with all it's neon lights and gambling, we spent a couple of days outside of town. Red Rock Canyon is just 15 minutes west of Vegas and is truly a beautiful wonder to behold. This cedar tree is not very tall - perhaps 10 -15 feet, but what a rustic character it is!! I start the drawing by lightly cross-hatching a layer of graphite using 2H down for the sky. I then chamois this smooth. Using a white eraser I lift out just a hint of clouds. I start the tree's needles at the tip and am concentrating on the dark sections. I am using negative drawing to 'draw' around the trunk areas, leaving them white.