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Barn Commission

I believe this one is ready for a signature. I have laid in the grass and the lane gently curves into the picture...leading the viewer right into the scene. The tree shadow blanketing across the lane adds interest as well.

This is coming along nicely. I have the fence lines in and the driveway is starting to take shape. The grass is slowly taking form as well. The foreground tree on the left wraps the scene nicely together.

I've got the garden planted! This sure brings back memories of all those garden fresh vegetables...cabbage, carrots, beans, tomatoes and corn. I've started on the fence work and the lane as well....

I've drawn in the silo. It has a metal dome with lots of sun reflection. The silo itself is a brick one. Consistent with my approach, I do not draw every single brick. Instead I draw just enough to give the impression of bricks. I am careful to indicate a curve to give the silo a cylindrical shape. I continue with the trees in the background and the shed to …