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Home Portrait - Commission

Well, looks like I've almost got this one completed. I've just got a few minor touch-ups. ....

I'm continuing to work on the trees behind the house. Just one more foreground tree on the right sweeping over the garage and it should be close to being completed.

I've added the foreground tree on the left....just a bit of overlap on the house to give some understanding to the tree reflections on the house. I've got a bit more shaping to do on the leaves and branches but it's almost there. Then it's the foliage at the back of the garage to frame the house nicely....

I've almost completed the house.;.. I need to do some adjusting of the tree reflection values but I'm going to wait until I finish the grass and trees.

With the bushes completed in the front and just a hint of the pattern on the garage door, the portrait is starting to come together. I'm saving the best for last...the trees, foliage and grass!

This view was taken in the early evening. This all…