Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chain Maille Chess Set

My son, Matthew, just completed this chain maille chess set. He has spent approximately 500 hours over the past 2 years creating the individual chess pieces and chess board. The rings are aluminum, copper and black anodized aluminum. The framed artwork is approximately 24"x46".

He is extra creative and decided to frame the chess board to save table space. The shelves are glass and he hand polished the edges smooth.

He has this at his office and there is a continual chess game going amongst his co-workers.

This is truly an beautiful and unique piece of functional artwork. Not bad for an aerospace engineer ( aka rocket scientist!!)

Detail of chess board:

Sample of the knight and pawn pieces:

One set of chess pieces:

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Clouds Breaking

There are days that the sky is so blue and crystal clear with soft cottony clouds billowing up. We've had some beautiful cloud formations this summer, typically an indication of thunderstorms brewing. I could watch these clouds all day long! Enjoy!