Sunday, October 05, 2008

Church of the Land - Living History Farms

"The Church of the Land stands as a tribute to the idea that people of different religious faiths can live together peacefully.
The Church of the Land in Walnut Hill was built in the carpenter gothic style. The narrow points at the top of the windows, the ends of the pews, and the pulpit imitate the gothic cathedrals of Europe. During the 1870s, it was popular to mix different kinds of woods in the same room. At the Church of the Land, the ceiling is made from hemlock, the dark beams are cedar, and the pews and altar are red elm. The doors, window sashes, windowsills, and baseboards are pine, while the floor is fir.
The Church stands on the same hillside where Pope John Paul II spoke to an estimated 350,000 people on October 4, 1979. " (for more information, visit
This drawing will be available as open edition prints and notecards.