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I received an email from a young artist studying art and design in the UK. He asked me a question that challenged me to put in writing what I have been mulling around in my head for quite some time. I’d like to thank Lewis Treleaven for posing the following question and wish him the best in his studies.

What inspired you to base most of your art around natural beauty and the wonders of the natural world?

I started drawing again in 2002 after a 20+ year lapse. Life seemed to get in the way and my career path went in a different direction from my art. But I finally picked up my pencil again, rediscovered my love of graphite and also found a form of meditation. Drawing is relaxing and releases a lot of tensions and stress from my day job and life in general. The subject matter of nature enhances this meditative process. The following is what I have discovered while studying nature:

Nature holds the key to revitalizing our spirit and restoring balance into our lives. It’s as simple as taki…