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Morning Coffee

Now onto the towel. The folds in the towels and the edging add interest to the bottom of the drawing. The highlights pull out the folds nicely.

Now onto the wallpaper. I have no intention of drawing the intriquit design of the wallpaper, however, just an impression of the design has been rendered. I have shaded the top corners to draw the attention right back to the coffepot and grinder.

I might make some minor changes yet, but I think I just might be done!

I have added the burlap sack and coffee beans. The intent of my drawings is not to include every detail of an object, but just to give an impression of it. This holds especially true to the sack and beans. I have only given the hint of threads in the sack and the beans are more texture and shade than individual beans.

I have been able to get a little bit done this week on the coffee pot. I am using Arches Watercolor Hot press paper which has a much softer feel than the usual paper I use (Strathmore Bristol Smooth). It also sca…

Haceta Light House - Oregon

"Joseph01" from shared a photo of a beautiful lighthouse with me. It is called the Haceta Light House by Florence, Oregon. THANKS JOE!

I started this drawing as a drawing demonstration at the local art store. They were having a grand reopening this weekend (Sept 7-8) and asked me to participate with a book signing and conduct drawing demos. I had a great weekend meeting a lot of nice folks! And even sold a few books!