Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Blackwing Experience

Charles Berolzheimer invited me to the NYC Blackwing experience. While I had to gracefully decline to attend, I thought "What a cool idea and fun event."

Today, I am retiring my very first Blackwing that I was introduced to almost two years ago. As my pencil is now too short to use anymore, I started to think about my own Blackwing experience.

Looking back at all attributes I thought hindered the use of wooden pencils, over time they now have culminated into positive characteristics. The relationship between the pencil, paper and myself subtly evolves through the artistic expression. Sharpening a wooden pencil is almost a ritual. Using the pencil as it dulls enhances the drawing, offering subtle differences and organic nuisances. Then at a particular point, I stop. Sharpen. And start the process again. It seems to breathe life into the drawing. As the pencil gets smaller, I use a pencil extender to extend its life. Until finally the affair of collaboration ends and the drawing is completed.

Can a simple pencil make such a difference? I think so. I love my Blackwings and Palominos.