Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Seven Mile Creek

Original Post: 9/3/2009

Here is the finished work. I've added a bit more shadow to the eroded bank and adjusted some of the tones through out the drawing.

This is located in Yellowstone Canyon, Wyoming - Seven Mile Creek.

Here is my latest update.

Here is a glimpse of the next challenge I have imposed on myself.

A co-worker's son went hiking this spring in Wyoming and shared some of his photos with me. The reference photo is not the best so my first challenge is to just try to make sense of the scene.

I like most of the placement of rocks, water and the tree to the left but I wanted to change the composition from portrait to landscape. I've done some preliminary sketches to work out the general layout.

My second challenge is to create a pleasing tonal composition by ignoring the diffused lighting in the ref photo but making my own composition. I've started working on 'testing' out the tonal relationships but I'm a bit stuck on the eroded dirt bank. I'm not sure if I should go darker or lighter as this area is in the center of scene. The rocks are a bit too round and I think a few more sharper edges/planes will add more interest.

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