Saturday, November 12, 2016

Derwent - Drawn to Perfection

Derwent's new marketing communications includes 'Drawn to Perfection' 
reflecting its commitment to the artist community with the 
creation of innovative high quality art materials.

Here is my artwork 'drawn to perfection' 
with Derwent Graphic Pencils.

(viewable on pc only)

Derwent - Finished Work

Derwent - Graphic Pencils

finished work

Derwent - Work in Progress Cont.

I am totally loving these Derwent Graphic pencils! 

From the smooth laydown of the graphite to paper to the improved core strength allowing the sharpest point and crisp edges of the softest 9B are a shear delight.  Here are progressive scans of my current work in progress.  The light branches against the dark interior is usually a real challenge. But using a sharp tip of the 9B worked magically filling in the negative space between the thin branches.  The branches were then shaded using the HB.  The thin weeds were indented into the paper using the 9H and then a layer of 9B was applied.  This allowed the finest lighter lines to show through the darks.  The 2B is a beautiful mid-tone layered on the main barn boards.