Friday, August 01, 2014

A place to start -

For any new or budding artist who wants to make their internet debut, I high recommend Mike Sibley's website  This is where I started and still hold a gold membership gallery.

This site gives the artist a means to get exposure at a low cost.  Mike works diligently to keep the site in the top hit in search engines. It introduces you to organizing you work, scanning, uploading and seeing your artwork displayed in a pleasing and professional way.

It is also a great launching point to drive traffic to your own website or blog.  I feel I have a winning combination of artwork posted on Starving-Artists, my personal website and my blog .

It is with deep appreciation that Mike has chosen my artwork "Agnew Meadows" for Editor's Choice this month.  Thank you so much!

MPAS Designation

This is an award that recognizes achievements in my artist endeavors over the past few years. I am truly honored to represent Pencil Art Society and the designation of MPAS