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Featured Artwork

Two new art instruction books have just been released by Quarto Publishing Company of London. Both of these books feature my artwork! For those of you who follow my artwork, you may even recognize the cover of the Landscape book - The Mitchellville Barn #2!

Each book features 3-4 of my artwork. If that isn't enough to convince you to purchase them, well each book holds lots of great information on how to draw Still Lifes and Landscapes.

The Still Life Sketching Bible by David Poxon
ISBN: 0-7858-2362-X

The Landscape Artist's Drawing Bible by Hazel Harrison
ISBN: 0-7858-2361-1

Artwork Featured in two new books!

Westwinds Ranch VA

Here is the completed drawing cropped, adjusted and changed to grayscale.

There is a slight tractor path where the grass is crushed. I used this to help lead the eye into the distance.

And before I knew it, the drawing was complete.

I hope this all helps you in your drawing endeavors!!

I am working on a number of things in this phase. I have sketched in the rest of the tree branches. Again, I am very careful where I place the branches and making sure I keep the viewer’s eye in the frame by bending the branches gracefully down.

The barn has these beautiful logs for the boards in the center section – I don’t know if I captured them very well, but the texture seems right. I also danced a few tree shadows across the front of the barn which adds a lot the scene and allows me to keep those logs a bit bleached out.

I continue to work on the shorter grass in front of the barn.

This is #7. My left-handedness took over and I’m working right to left again. I worked from the background trees forward int…

Featured Artwork in New Book

"Different Strokes - Pencil" By David Poxon

This is a unique drawing instruction book as it gives 15 side-by-side demonstrations of the same subject by two different artists. They are very complex subjects and offer very good insights on the different approaches taken on the same subject matter.
And I had the wonderful opportunity to contribute a step-by-step demonstration for this book!

ISBN 10# is 1-60058-054- 8 ISBN 13# is: 978-1-60058- 054-3 It is available for purchase at

Mabry Mill

March 3, 2008

Many times I will have more than one piece on the drawing board. This is one of those times. While I am working on the Nature Scenes, I have been working on this beautiful scene of the Mabry Mill. The photo I am using as a reference was taken by Gayle Swanson of California.

I was taken by this scene due to the wondeful lighting. Something that I am attempting to improve in my artwork.

Nature's Talons

I took the plunge and punched up the values throughout the scene. I have textured the rock and made a few angles and crevices.....

I've done a lot of messing around with this one. I've pushed, shaded, highlighted, textured and basically over-worked this piece. I might try this one again, once I figure out just how to contrast the rock and tree roots textures.....

Nature's Talons

This is a drawing that I have started over at least 3 times. There are a number of challenges in this piece....I want to really capture the strength and depth of the roots as they wrap themselves around this rock. I want to contrast the textures of the rock and tree bark. I really want to create/use the lighting for more drama and finally, I want to make the background very atmospheric. With all these criteria, this one has developed the farthest. I'm not sure if it will be the final version...but it's getting closer. This is difficult as I am making subtle changes from the reference photo to…

Piute Mountain Series III

Continuing on my Nature Series of the Sequoia National Forest in So. California, here is another view.

This drawing is 8.5 x11" on mellotex paper. I am still trying to get use to drawing on this smooth surface. Creating smooth skies is a breeze as well as drawing rocks and pine trees. I am challenged by the bed of pine needles that cover the ground and drawing grass. I will have to keep working on develop different techniques on this paper.