Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Drawing Hair

Original Post: 3/28/2010

The best starting point to drawing hair - is to draw a lock of hair. And the best reference to learn how to draw hair is Mike Sibley's book "Drawing Line to Life".
Creating a natural highlight by lifting the pencil:
Use a sharp point of a harder lead (HB or harder) and smooth paper (with no texture). Practice creating strokes pressing hard on one end and lifting as you get to the center. This will create a 'natural highlight' in the center.
Creating a highlight using blu-tack eraser:
Roll a small piece of blu-tack into a cylinder. Roll the eraser over the center of the drawn hair. This will gently lift the graphite off, leaving the pencil strokes behind. (See the actual pencil lines of graphite on the eraser.)

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