Tutorials are located on my website:  www.dianewrightfineart.com.  At the end of each tutorial is a link to download a .pdf version of the tutorial.  (As an extra bonus, the tree .pdf is different than the on-line tutorial.)

How to Draw Grass and Weeds
Drawing Trees
Drawing Skies and Clouds
Drawing Rocks
Drawing Water
Drawing a Landscape - Putting it All Together


  1. Hi Diane,
    I recently discovered your work in my local art shop (in Wollongong, Australia) and immediately purchased your book 'Beautiful Landscapes'. I then discovered your very generous tutorials online which supplement the material in the book. As a novice wanting to improve I'm finding these invaluable as I fiddle with elements of landscape instead of trying to jump in to a complete drawing and losing faith. So, a huge thank you. Regards,Sue.

  2. Thanks a lot I find your tutorials easy to follow and very helpful