Friday, December 23, 2005

Mitchellville Barn - Series # 2

Here is another update. I have a feeling that I am done with this drawing. I lightly placed the grass and weeds in and at this moment they seem like it is all that it needs. I'm afraid if I make the weeds anymore pronounced it will take away from the scene.I really enjoy vacation time and being able to spend 'blocks of time' just devoted to drawing. When I am able to concentrate on a drawing, it really provides a continuity to the overall drawing.

I am continuing to work on the barn....developing each board as I go as well as the shingles on the roof...... This barn is about ready to collapse upon itself, creating some beautiful and unique angles and openings to work with. The play of the light as it hits the angled sides also adds interest....

Well, vacation time is flying by and don't want to waste a minute! This is of the Mitchellville Barn - Series #2. This barn is just 5 miles north of town and I have been taking photos of this place for the past 5 years. It became abandoned after the flood of '93 and is now considered a wetland reserve area. The first drawing I did was from a photo taken 4 years ago. This photo I took this summer. Time is quickly taking it's toll on the barn as well as a few people scavenging the boards off. I was having a particularly challenging day at work and was driving home in a bad mood. I looked at the clouds and thought - oh great - sure now I need to go home and get my camera and take pictures of these incredible clouds! But maybe it will put me in a better mood. I hurried home, got my camera, and went to my favorite hangout - this barn. (Which is the last old barn close by my home!) I got the best photos I have ever taken of this barn and perhaps the best photos I have ever taken. Just as soon as I finished my photo shoot and jumped back in the car, the skies let loose and it poured cats & dogs! Needless to say, work was forgotten and I was feeling great! That day, everything happened for a reason and timing was everything. I've been itching to draw this one ever since.

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