Sunday, January 08, 2006

Winter Reflections

This indeed has become a challenging drawing! I have decided that I need to take the sky at least three shades darker. This will allow me to have a wider tonal range available to work with on the white face of the barn. My reference photo is also lacking details of the barn boards that I would love to see. It would be tempting to drive the 2 hours to just take some more photos, but that won't happen anytime soon. So I will have to use some creative artist license to create the details. This barn is a bit unusual for this area because the boards run horizontal not vertical, also the boards are very thin.

I have cropped the image so the composition will be a balanced and centered barn on the page. This drawing will have several challenges in that the tonal ranges will need to be even and balanced to create the illusion of a white barn. Also the tree reflection cannot be the primary subject matter but taking it's place as a secondary shadow across the face of the barn. The shadow cannot take on a texture or dimensionality of it's own.

I have been eyeing this barn for a number of years. But during a recent trip to NE Iowa I captured this photo with a beautiful new layer of snow and wonderful tree reflections dancing across the face of this barn. It is located just east of Gladbrook, Iowa.

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