Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Garden Shed Continued

I am now calling this one completed! I darkened the left side of the building just a bit, darkened the chimney and added just a touch more detail in the flowers in the lower right. Can you notice these subtle changes? My newest friend in this drawing is a technique called burnishing that I learned from Mike's new book - Drawing from Line to Life by Mike Sibley. I used 6H over HB to create wonderful even tones and was able to enhance details so much better.

Almost finished.... I have darkened and lightened and pushed and pulled the darks, textures and highlights of this drawing to the extremes.

After a busy holiday season, I have finally been able to get back to this drawing! I have worked on darkening the trees in the background, created the flowers in the front of the shed and have darkened the building up to show the sun highlights more distinctly. It's getting closer to being completed!

At a recent visit to Living History Farms, I found out that this was not used as a garden shed, but it was used as a summer kitchen! During the late 1800's, to keep the main house cool during the hot summer months, this small building was used to cook the meals in.

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