Friday, February 15, 2013

Horse & Colt

4/7/13 Update:  After setting this aside to work on a few other projects, I finally completed this drawing. 


2/15/13 Update:  Continuing to create definition in the background tree on the left.  Adding shadows from the  trees on the fence on the right.  Horse facial features added and the colt is starting to take shape.  Understanding the horses muscular under-structure helps to develop and define their three-dimensional form.

Here is a work in progress of a horse and colt.  This one is a bit larger than I have done in a while 
12 x16 on Canson Foundation series Bristol Board Smooth paper.  

After roughly sketching in the horse, colt and background placement, I lightly shade in the sky.  After the light layer has been applied, I use a chamois to smooth the graphite.  I leave white areas for clouds and still need to build up a some form to them as I continue to work on the trees.  The trees are in various stages of completeness.  The one on the far right is the most developed with varying shading to depict the bundles of leaves.  The far left one is the first layer roughly laid down identifying the general shape and placement.
The horse is shaded an overall medium value and then darker areas are layered in to build up the three dimensional form.  

This drawing is a project for a Royal Brush drawing kit.  It is fun to see my work incorporated into a variety of art sets sold in large box stores such as Michael's and Hobby Lobby.



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