Sunday, July 12, 2009

Clouds Breaking

There are days that the sky is so blue and crystal clear with soft cottony clouds billowing up. We've had some beautiful cloud formations this summer, typically an indication of thunderstorms brewing. I could watch these clouds all day long! Enjoy!


  1. Wonderful!

    I really like how you made the clouds "glow" with sunshine, especially knowing that it is the white of the paper, so you didn't draw it - you drew around it to create such effect. Good job, definitely conveys the beauty of the clouds.

  2. Thanks Anton! You've described the process perfectly. Keeping the white of the paper for the hightlights is the key.


  3. Beautiful! I was driving the other day and looked up, the sky was so beautiful, and I was thinking I should do a drawing of the sky and clouds. I didn't think it would look that great in pencil. I see I was wrong. I love this! Amazing