Sunday, June 07, 2009

Red Rock Lake

Red Rock Lake is located just west of Pella, Iowa. This section of the lake is the Elk Rock State Park area. We've spent quite a bit of time camping here and I love sitting down on the old driftwood logs listening to the water lapping the shores.
The shoreline is rugged with lots of jagged rocks and driftwood. Iron and coal deposits run through the bluff creating beautiful rusts, creams and charcoal colors with the backdrop of deep green trees.
This drawing is on mellotex paper. It's a smooth paper that accepts graphite well. It's easy to build layers of graphite and the sky was very easy with just a bit of graphite smoothed with a chamois. Time: 2 hours.
Size: 8 x 12 - Leads 4B, 2B and F.

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