Friday, October 28, 2016

Derwent - Rebranding for a Fresh New Look

As with most companies, marketing and re-branding of products is essential.  Some are drastically changed to be almost unrecognizable.  And others, like Derwent, keeps their branding consistent with subtle changes.  They know what works, keeps their branding consistent and brings a fresh new look to their Graphic pencil line.

Through the years

To illustrate Derwent's branding changes through the years, I dug through my pencil tool box and found a couple of older graphite tins to compare with the new look.  The artwork on the new tin is by Alexis Marcou commissioned specifically for the 'Graphic' collection. 

Derwent Graphic tins rebranding through the years.  
The changes to the Graphic product is not limited to the tins, but carries through to the pencils as well.  As described in the press-release "The brand refresh includes the 'Made in Britain' marque on the new packaging.  This complements the introduction of a Union flag on all product packaging: showcasing the brand's commitment to British manufacturing."
Pencil design logo changes.

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