Sunday, December 18, 2011

Colored Pencil - Birds

Colored pencil is a new medium for me and I am delighted with the results I am getting.  This series of birds are for a Sketchbook Project I am doing for Royal Brush Company.  All of these were done with a simple 12 color set of colored pencils by Royal Brush.  The colors are primary - red, blue and yellow.  Secondary colors of orange, purple and green.  And light blue, light green, pink, white, black and brown.

Parrot       Barn Swallow

Eastern Blue Birds    Blue Jay

    Cactus Wren   Chickadee

Fruit Doves   Gold Finch

Hummingbird  Indigo Bunting

Parakeets  Cardinal


  1. Outstanding, Diane. You're as good with colored pencils as you are with graphite!

  2. Beautiful! Every one of them. It's amazing what you did with just 12 colors.

  3. Amazing works, it is great to see you transfer your excellent eye for contrast and lighting to the world of colour :)

  4. Very inspirational! You're a brilliant artist. Thanks for sharing your art work!