Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wolf Composite

I have been commissioned by Royal Brush company to do a series of drawings for their sketch kits.  They are very open to any subject matter that I draw, but encouraged me to try my hand at animals.  Here is the first of the series.

Keeping in mind that these are kits for younger adults, I try and keep the composition and subjects relatively simple while still capturing a strong level of realism.

I have high respect for any artist who can draw fur. 



  1. I have a friend in CA who was a master at fur, she gave a 1/2 day workshop on it and I found it very difficult. This is perfect for a young artist you don't want to make it so hard that they get upset and don't want to try anymore. So how did you do the black in the BG?

  2. ThanKs Danna!! I used the Palomino 6B!! It goes on so smooth and it lays down so easily. They are wonderful pencils!

  3. Very nice. I'd like to try this myself. Never did any fur.

  4. I'm finding I use the Palomino's all the time, I love those pencils.

  5. What is the target age for these sketch kits? Are you providing written tutorials with them? I'm asking because, from experience, even with high school students, that the form-over-form approach can cause them some trouble with perception if they have not done exercises with draw through to get the idea of depth and value and depth of field relations. Explaining that you have been careful to achieve value distinction between the forms in the areas of overlapping shapes is important for inexperienced artists to recognize.