Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Agnew Meadows

This has been a whole new approach to drawing...working in the darker tones and leading the viewer through the scene by the lighting.  Let me know what you think of this composition and style.


  1. Diane, I think you did wonders with this. It definitely leads you to the lighter meadow. It's been interesting watching you WIP from your first sketch posted. Seeing how you begin shaping the tree limbs and leaves and seeing the finished drawing is very instructional. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Donn. I enjoy sharing my works in progress, it helps others but it also helps me to mentally and verbally articulate what and how I'm going to approach a challenge.

  3. This is a concept that has interested me for a long time - I just haven't been as successful as you have been at bringing it off :)

    I love the contrast here: shaded to light; cool to warm - it makes the scene so inviting a place to be in and explore.

    And that one leaning tree fires realism into the study - a device (whether instinctive or not) that many would omit to the detriment of the composition.

    I think I'll stay in the cool for a moment and savour it before venturing out to explore the sunlit meadow.

  4. Diane, this is a fantastic piece of work! I love it! You've definitely achieved a depth and realism with the different values. Your work makes me want to explore landscape drawing. I wish there was a clappy smiley...I'd use it right here.

    Best regards,

  5. Mike - I probably used more artistic license in this drawing than ever before. The photo reference was dark and blurry ( one of the few less than stellar shots my son taken). But it was the essence of the scene I wanted to capture. That leaning tree was one of the reasons the view was so intriguing.

  6. Christine- thank you. Landscapes are one of the most diverse subject matters to explore and can contain as much expressiveness as a portrait! And color is definitely optional!