Saturday, August 21, 2010

Silver Reflections

As with any new tool, you need to explore just what you can do with it  and new pencils are no different.  So I pushed from the lightest to darkest using only two of the grades, 2B and 2H, of the Palomino Pencils.  The sky is done using a light layer of 2B chamoised smooth, with subtle changes to reflect the clouds hovering on top of the mountain peak.  The distant mountain texture is taking advantage of the 2B graphite grain on the paper  (300 Series Strathmore Bristol Board smooth).  The 2B is continued to be used to create the mid and foreground trees.

The water is created using the 2H.  The harder lead lends itself well to create the glass smooth stillness of the lake.  Using horizontal strokes, the gentle and subtle reflections are drawn in. 

Silver Reflections 
4-1/2 x 7- 3/4

This is from a reference photo taken by my nephew, Kyle Clark, during a recent mountain bike trip to Mt. Shasta in California.


  1. Very nice Diane! I am glad you seem to be liking the new pencils. Just one small correction if I may. The pencils are named "Palomino", not "Palamino".

  2. That's the second time I've done that! Usually I don't make many typos...but this one seems to be destined to repeat itself...


  3. What year was this completed?

    1. This was drawn in August 2010. Seven years ago! Time flies.