Sunday, March 02, 2008

Nature's Talons

I took the plunge and punched up the values throughout the scene. I have textured the rock and made a few angles and crevices.....

I've done a lot of messing around with this one. I've pushed, shaded, highlighted, textured and basically over-worked this piece. I might try this one again, once I figure out just how to contrast the rock and tree roots textures.....

Nature's Talons

This is a drawing that I have started over at least 3 times. There are a number of challenges in this piece....I want to really capture the strength and depth of the roots as they wrap themselves around this rock. I want to contrast the textures of the rock and tree bark. I really want to create/use the lighting for more drama and finally, I want to make the background very atmospheric. With all these criteria, this one has developed the farthest. I'm not sure if it will be the final version...but it's getting closer. This is difficult as I am making subtle changes from the reference photo to my drawing image. Something I am continuing to strive for. I am free-handing the objects to allow my 'vision' of the scene be more interpreted. I am finding the lighting to be the greatest challenge. The reference photo has the sun behind the tree causing most of it in shadow. I am attempting to pull the sun to the right to create cast shadows of the roots onto the rock to create more drama and depth.

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