Saturday, November 11, 2006

Zach - GoKart

Opps...We are missing a trophy! Thank goodness I had just enough room left on the paper to add this award!

Final - With completing the helmet and blending the area around the helmet and car, I believe this drawing is completed!

Wip 5 - I got up bright and early this morning to jump right into drawing again. Got a cup of coffee and I'm good to go! The car and trophy are now completed. When working in dark areas, black is never just black. Instead I concentrate on finding the subtle forms within those dark areas. They may eventually look black but if look closely the form can still be defined. This is a key technique in creating 3 dimensionality. A good example of this is the tires and tire wall areas. I have included a close-up of the go-kart as well.

Wip 4 - I'm starting to work on the go-kart...

Wip 3 - Finished the suit and started on the trophy. I am blending the three images together with a blended method. I apply graphite, blend it with a tortillion, then use a plastic eraser to smear and erase a texture into the areas. By doing this the three separate objects become unified together. I still need to work in some of the details into the trophy but it's starting to emerge on the paper.

Wip 2 - Moving right along, I finished the hair and have started on the suit.

Wip 1 - I have started on Zack's face. Using a B .5 mechanical pencil I lay down the shadows and darker areas, then chamois smooth. I then start lifting and shaping the facial features with blu-tak and more layers of graphite. I still need to work on his hair and ears, but I think I have his likeness down.

This is a commission that I am doing of a young man who won 3 national go-kart championships this past year. What proud parents he must have! Here is a general compositional mock-up of the drawing layout.

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