Saturday, October 28, 2006

Ashley's Grandparents


Wip 6: Getting closer to completion! I have finished the wedding couple insert. I decided to fade part of the wedding cake into the background.

Wip 5: Here's another update. I've started to work on the wedding couple insert and will continue to fade the two images together. Looks like I need to lighten the area around the eyes on the young lady...

Wip 4: I've completed the main portraits of the couple with possibly a few modifications left to do. But will leave them for now and will start on their wedding portrait insert.

Wip 3: I've started to work on grandma, working in the same style and technique as grandpa but with a lighter hand as her complexion is much lighter.

WIP 2: I have adjusted several areas that were off a bit and for the most part I have completed grandpa. I could probably continue to fiddle, but in fear of overworking areas, I am going to move on. I may have some additional adjusting as I go along.

WIP 1: Here is my newest commission that I am working on. This one is for Ashley, a dear friend of our family! This is of her grandparents.

I have created a montage of 3 separarate photos. One of the couple as they are today, one of their wedding portrait and a photo of a bible. Here is the reference photo:

I start the drawing with a light outline of the facial features. I use these as guidelines as I build the drawing.

I start with a F .5mm mechanical pencil and draw in the eyes. I build up the facial features with a loose random pencil stroke. I then use a 4H chisel point clutch pencil to burnish in an even tone over the shaded areas. I lightly touch areas with my blu-tack eraser to pull highlights out.

Here is where I am right now. As I draw, I am continually looking at the reference photo. I see I have some adjusting of the glasses and the mouth needs a little adjusting as well.

I'll keep you posted as I continue.

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