Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Garden Shed

The foliage is so complex and dense in this drawing that it is taking me quite a while to build up the layers. Every so slowly it seems to be appearing on the page.

I have been working on the background slowly building up the dense foliage of the trees. I have also started on the garden. Have you noticed that I removed the plant hanger in the center of the drawing. At this point I am not sure if I will adding it back in or not. My perspective angles are slightly off on the front window. I will need to do some minor adjusting as the downward slant is just a bit too much. I have been using 2H lead in a .05 mm mechanical pencil. Paper is Strathmore Bristol Smooth and is approximately 10" x 14".

Just a small update as I got to spend a little time last night working on the background.

Here is another Living History Farm Series drawing. This is of a beautiful gardening shed that is north of the Flynn House. I hope to capture the essense of the flower garden - even in black and white!

Here is my reference photo:

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