Saturday, September 03, 2022

Drawing Clean Edges


On the previous post, Experience the Landscape, I mentioned the technique of using a ruler to clean the drawing edges after using the chamois to smooth out the graphite.  Here is a short video showing the method I use to create sharp edging.  

Materials used are: 

  • small drawing board
  • plastic t-square ruler
  • mars white eraser 

Place the paper on the board, lined up at the edge of the board.  Lay the t-square on the paper and make sure the paper and the ruler are squared up.  Line the eraser to the edge of the ruler and run it down the outside edge of the ruler.  I carve a chisel edge on the eraser for a sharper line.

This works particularly well on shaded skies.  I do not use this technique for areas with heavier applied graphite as it will smear and press the graphite into the paper.

Photo of finished drawing unframed 


  1. Excellent! And exactly the method I use, too. Thanks for the video, it explains it perfectly.

  2. Thank you Mike. A simple technique and much easier to show in a video than describe.