Wednesday, May 30, 2012

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Two weeks ago, we reintroduced our featured teaching artist Mike Theuer and the first of his many tips for artists. Today, Studio 602 is excited to reintroduce Diane Wright and her tips for making the most out of your graphite.

“It has been almost two years since I was first introduced to the Blackwing. In reviewing all the attributes I thought hindered drawing with wooden pencils, I’ve discovered that they are actually positive characteristics. The relationship between my hand, pencil and paper evolves into an unified artistic expression. There is no medium that is as simple or direct as the graphite pencil. There is no doubt that the wooden pencil creates a much more expressive line than using a mechanical pencil. Harnessing and controlling that line can breath life to your drawing.

Here are a couple of tips that I’d like offer.

- Holding your pencil in an underhand position creates a much more fluid line. Using the handwriting grip tends to restrict the pencil and creates a tight mark.

- The shape of the pencil tip makes a big difference on how frequently you have to sharpen and the variety of line created. A chisel point, with one side flat creates a broad stroke and the edge can be used for detail.

- Explore creating a variety of pencil marks to represent different textures. Choosing to use a dull pencil point can offer subtle differences and organic nuisances as well.

I recently have been using a variation of the chisel point. As I draw, I rotate my pencil to create three flat sides that taper to a point. Using the underhand grip, holding the pencil at an angle, and rotating the pencil, I can use the pencil without sharpening until it is almost to the wood. This maximizes the use of the graphite as well as extending the time between sharpenings.

This small sketch was created using these techniques. The Blackwing is perfect to create bold marks and apply the graphite quickly, allowing your ideas to come alive on the paper.”

- Diane Wright

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